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History of Enter Tech

ENTER TECH is a company that conceived the new generation technology karaoke system, the magic sing karaoke microphone. ENTER TECH specializes in developing a compact video karaoke system and other components that include MIDI, transmitters, song chips and wireless microphones or commonly called as the Magic Sing.

In 1994, Enter Tech was established under the name of Kum Eum Co., Ltd and launched under the mic-type karaoke business.

In the following year, the company has established their own plant, which then registered as a Venture company in the year 2000. After a year, ENTER TECH registered their annex research institution and got their U.S.A registration patent for Portable Karaoke device on August 21. That same year, they have also acquired the Military service substitution certificate and had been certified by Europe CE on November 19. The succeeding years have been tremendous for ENTER TECH.

In 2002, they have been Certified by U.S.A. FCC and got their ISO 9001 Certification. After one year, they got the ISO 14001 Certification and passed the preliminary examination for KOSDAQ registration by Korea Securities Dealers Association. In 2005, popular female singer Jang, Yoon-Jung signed a contract as the Exclusive model of ENTER-TECH for year 2006.

On the following year, ENTER TECH has been selected as the developer of the information & communication advanced infra technology sponsored by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). Today, ENTER TECH is soaring high with its endeavors in providing quality improved and ground breaking entertainment system in the form of Magic Sing. Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone Releases

  • Magic Sing (First Edition) – designed in color black and has 800 built-in songs
  • Magic Sing (Second Version) – designed in color black and silver and has 800 songs in a chip.
  • Magic Sing (Third Version) – designed in gold without the round microphone head
  • Silver Magic Mic IV – released in latter 2002
  • Silver Magic Mic V – released in 2005 with a new record feature and built-in 800 songs
  • ED-8000 – release in 2005 with 2058 built-in songs and additional features such as uploading of own song records to computer.
  • ED-1100 – released in 2006 with new features including 10 song chips
  • EG-18000 – released in 2007
  • ET-18000 – released in 2008 and known as Multiplex Karaoke Microphone 2009 Edition with 2,070 songs, customize background images using SD Card and picture background themes, etc
  • ET1-13000 – released in 2008 and as known as Multiplex Karaoke Microphone 2009 Edition with 2,070 songs, record and play function and built-in USB interface, etc.
  • ET-12000 – released in late 2008 and known as Multiplex Karaoke Microphone 2009 Edition with 2,070 songs, improved sound quality and picture background themes, etc
  • ET-19000V - released in October 2009 with 2,3000 built-in songs and has two other versions, the Magic Sing ET-19V Extreme and Spanish.
  • ET-21000 - released in 2010 and comes with an LCD and has 2, 2045 built-in songs
  • MT-15K - released in 2011 and has 2,200 built-in songs.

Enter Tech Nominations & Awards 2008

  • Korean Institute of Design Promotion awarded Enter Tech a Venture Design Award
  • Enter-Tech's MagicSing was listed as one of the 121 Korean products occupying the most world market share in their categories.
  • Was nominated as the manufacturer of world-class products for 2004


  • Nominated by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • Venture design awarded/ digital video karaoke mic
  • Venture design awarded / medical device-wireless dental curing light


  • "50 million Dollars Export Award" from The 42nd Annual Trade Day Award


  • A Premium Innovation Enterprise Award in the Technology Innovation Section (Korea Consumer Forum/Korea Economics NewsPaper - Feb. 27, 2004)
  • 30 million dollars export award (Nov. 26, 2004)
  • ENTER TECH Chariman, Mr. K.H. LEE was rewarded prideful Small and Medium Business leader December 2004. (Small and Medium Business Administration / Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business - December.27, 2004)
  • ENTER TECH was nominated as The World's Best Product Manufacturer of Year 2004
  • ENTER TECH was awarded for the second half of year 2004. (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Republic of Korea - December.31, 2004)


  • The Grand Prize / Seoul Venture Prize (Sep. 24, 2003)
  • Grand prize of Radio Device from Korea Quality Competition Award


  • Became a Hit Product of Han Kyoung Consumers' Award
  • 10 million dollars export award awarded during The 39th Korean Trade Day (Nov. 29, 2002)
  • Venture company award / The Korean minister award


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