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Maintaining the good condition of your Enter Tech Magic Sing karaoke microphone is not only a way of preserving its functionality and overall appearance, but also protecting your great investment. Caring for your Magic Sing microphone will provide you years of indisputable karaoke entertainment.

Accidental falls on the floor, chemical reactions, as well as untidy look are all the things we sought to prevent from happening. Here are some useful tips on caring for your Enter Tech Magic Sing:

1. In cleaning the microphone, don’t use abrasive chemicals such as alcohol because it may strip off the protective coating. Use only dry soft cloth if possible but a damp cloth can be used. Take not of the the word "soft" as this prevents scratches.

2. Do not drop or subject the Magic Sing to heavy impact because the parts inside might break causing the mic not to work properly.

3. If the Enter Tech microphone model has an LCD, please do not apply pressure on it.

4. Always gently press the microphone buttons to avoid malfunctioning. Don’t use your long fingernails or a ball pen in pushing the buttons.

5. In removing the cable, hold only the the rubber part to, not the metal part so as to avoid loosening of device.

6. When not using the microphone, place it on the mic stand. Keep it away from children's reach too.

7. Always turn off the Enter Tech microphone before adding or removing a chip.

8. Store the microphone in dry, cool places. Avoid storing it in locations with extreme high temperatures or moist because parts inside might melt or all dried up.

9. Do not disassemble the Magic Sing microphone unit. This will void the manufacturer’s warranty.