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Enter Tech creates a premium line of Magic Sing microphones to provide superb music entertainment to every household. Each karaoke microphone from Enter Tech is thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that no defective components will be included in the package and to make sure that it will deliver high quality karaoke functions.

But in case you encounter minor problems while using the Enter Tech karaoke microphone, we assure you that it doesn't make the product lesser of a quality. This minor problems are just normal like any other devices. So here are simple yet effective troubleshooting tips that can help solve your problem.

If the power doesn’t turn on (while using the adaptor)

  • Double check if your adaptor is 110V or 220V.
  • Make sure that the contact point of the adaptor jack and cable jack is not damaged.

If the power doesn’t turn on (while using batteries)

  • Make sure that your are using alkaline batteries
  • Don’t mix old batteries to new batteries
  • Double check if the batteries are positioned in the correct poles

If the microphone doesn’t work

  • Make sure the microphone is on.
  • Check the batteries power, replace if necessary

If no sound comes out from the microphone

  • Ensure the microphone cord is securely plugged
  • Make sure that the “Mute” switch on the microphone is not selected

If no pictures show on the TV

  • Make sure the audio/ video cable is properly connected (refer to the colors)
  • Check if the TV is in video mode.

If the video display is distorted

  • Check the compatibility of the TV and your Enter Tech Magic Sing microphone
  • Compatibility could be based on NTSC or PAL mode of your TV