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Magic Sing History

The Birth of Magic Sing Microphone

The term "Karaoke" is from the Japanese words "kara" and "o-kesutora", which mean "empty" and "orchestra". It is a form of entertainment in which amateur singers can sing along with the record music while looking at the lyrics on the screen using a microphone and a public address system.

In early 1970's, the first karaoke machine was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, Japan. It was a hit and immediately became a star of every diner and corner in the land of the rising sun. As it becomes popular, the phenomenal success of this entertainment system has also reached the Eastern and Southeast Asia in the following decades and is continuously soaring high in other countries in the form of a small, portable and sleek microphone.

As time goes by and as the technology continues to enhance the appliances being out in the market, this huge entertainment system has been incorporated to automobiles, mobile phones and computers as well. Then, the fast pace technology gave birth to a compact, lightweight and portable appliance known as the "karaoke magic sing microphone".

The Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone is a revolutionary appliance with similar concept of the first karaoke systems, only it is compact, versatile and handy. It is in the form of an extraordinary microphone wherein it has slots for micro chips that contain hundreds to thousands of songs. This technology had also outdone the use of karaoke CDs and DVDs today.

This appliance is called "Magic Sing" as it has all the features of a huge karaoke system gathered and put into one small and portable microphone. It even has better features than the old system such as voice changer, voice recording, real time karaoke scoring and many more. It has especially made slot where the song chips are put in place, allowing the user to enter the corresponding number or code of the song he/she wants to sing.

The first Magic Sing was designed and created by Enter Tech. The model was called "Magic Sing" and contains 800 built-in songs. It was black in color and doesn't have the capability to work with a second wireless microphone. Then, the second version comes in black and silver color with a round gold top. This time, it contains 800 songs in a song chip and includes a microphone stand and a sub microphone.

After the consecutive success of Enter Tech's first two magic sing models is the introduction of the third version, again made by Enter Tech. This microphone is gold in color and is a more enhanced version minus the round head without so much difference from the previous models. At the latter part of 2002, Enter Tech then released the Silver Magic Mic IV and the vocoder is an added feature. Two years after, the Silver Magic Mic V with a new record feature and built-in 800 songs was out in the market.

In 2005, Enter Tech has released its most powerful model -- the ED-8000. This model has 2058 built-in songs with additional features such as uploading of your own song record to computer and burning it to CD. The following year is the era of All Wireless Microphones as the Enter Tech's ED-1100 started to dominate the market. This model was designed to hold 10 song chips and can be used by DJs. Currently the EG-18000 is the latest model which has more enhancements. It was released in December 2007.

Today, magic sing karaoke microphone is one of the most important equipment in every household, restaurants and gatherings. And while the technology permits the manufacturers of magic sing to make enhancements, there'll always be something new for aspiring singers and magic sing enthusiasts.


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