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1. What is Enter Tech Magic Sing?

The Enter Tech Magic Sing is the latest innovation in karaoke entertainment. This portable microphone offers many wonderful functions of a large karaoke system such as tempo changes, hundreds of song selections, recording functions and others. To use it, just plug it into the television and everything is set! No additional device or hardware is needed to get a full-scale karaoke experience.

2. What are the models of the Enter Tech Magic Sing karaoke microphone?

Currently, Enter Tech has 16 available magic sing karaoke microphone models that include the following: Magic Sing ED-8000, Magic Sing ED-8000 (Spanish), Magic Sing ED-8000 (English & Spanish), Magic Sing ET-12K, Magic Sing ET-13K, Magic Sing ET-13K (Spanish 3000), Magic Sing ET-13K (Spanish), Magic Sing ET-18K, Magic Sing ET-18K (Hindi), Magic Sing ET-19KV, Magic Sing ET-19KV (Extreme), Magic Sing ET-19KV (Spanish), Magic Sing ET-21KV, Magic Sing ET-9k, Magic Sing MT-15K and Magic Sing Sub Microphones.

3. How does Magic Sing microphone work?

Simple. Each Magic Sing microphone unit comes with cables that you need to connect directly into the video and audio outputs of your TV. The lyrics will be shown on the screen, at the same time, the sound will be heard on the speakers.

4. Does it need batteries to work? Each Magic Sing microphone requires a power source in order to work. This power source can be obtained by either the AC adaptor or with the use of 2 "AA" batteries, but not both at the same time. When the adaptor is used, the microphone does not need batteries. To save you electricity, it is highly recommended to use re-chargeable batteries.

5. What are the accessories included in the package?

Typically, a full set of Magic Sing contains main karaoke microphone, cable, mic stand, AC adapter, song list and a carrying bag.

6. Does the Enter Tech Magic Sing karaoke microphone already contain songs?

Yes, all Enter Tech karaoke microphones models contains hundreds to thousands of songs, depending on the model. Additional song chips are also available.

7. How to expand the music library of Magic Sing microphones?

If the embedded songs are not enough or you like more variation with your singing, you only need to buy a song chip. When buying a song chip, take some considerations about the compatibility of the chip to the model of your Enter Tech Magic Sing.

8. Can the Enter Tech Magic Sing microphone be used with 110V AC outlets also?

Yes. The included adaptor in the Magic Sing package is an AUTOVOLT adaptor. You may plug it in either 110V or 220V without altering any setting.

9. What is the difference between Black and Silver model?

Black microphones are the early models with octagonal shape while Silver Magic Sing is the newest model with round shape. The Silver model offers better functionality and capability.

10. Is recording pack necessary?

Your Enter Tech microphone will work without using a recording pack. However, this accessory is also a must-have as it lets you to record yourself singing, and then upload it to your computer using the provided USB cable.

11. How do I restore the setting of microphone back to its default setting?

Simply perform Master Reset, by pressing 0 button + PWR button.

12. What does video input mean?

All Enter Tech Magic Sing microphones have pre-programmed static background such as nature scenes and landscapes that will show up on the TV screen. But latest versions of Magic Sing feature built-in external video input that allows the user to change the background into a video from external source like VCD/DVD player and video camera.

13. What types of song chips are available?

There is a variety of song chips available in the market. Aside from local songs, popular foreign songs are available like Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, Brazilian, French, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai and many more.

14. Which Enter Tech Magic Sing is best for my family?

It is recommended to explore your options when buying a Magic Sing microphone. It is very important to take consideration about the features of the mic that you will use frequently.

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