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How to Record Songs in a CD

One of the advantages of having a Magic Sing is that it allows you to record songs of your choice. Essentially, this means that you would not just have to rely on pre-recorded songs because your favorite songs can be added to the list too. By recording songs, you can freely transfer your all-time favorite hits form your computer device to the Magic Sing Karaoke and vice versa.

However, for this to happen, there are several important steps that need to be followed before it will finally happen. Below are the step-by-step guide on how to record songs in a CD.

1. Choose the song you want to sing and hit the play button. Immediately after you hit play, please press (Mode) and (Rec).

2. The word “Recording will appear on your TV screen. This is to inform you that song recording is being done. Depending on the capacity of you recording pack, you can store several full-length songs of your choice.

3. Once you are finished recording your songs on the Magic Sing, you need first to install the USB Driver and Download Manager programs on your pc. (For more information regarding the driver installation, see our Driver Installation page.

4. After installing the two programs, you will see an icon on your desktop that says “USB Download Manager”. Please double click it with your mouse.

5. Connect the microphone to your pc by connecting the RCA cable to the bottom of the microphone and connect the AC adaptor to the RCA cable and then to the power outlet. Get your USB cable, and connect the smaller end to the microphone’s USB connection. The larger end of the USB cable should be connected to your pc’s USB port. After this set up, please turn on the mic.

6. Once you have powered on your microphone, please click the button at the top of the software that says “List”. You should see on the right hand side of the program the list will include the songs that you sung and recorded on your microphone.

7. Now, the songs that are listed in PACK section (located right hand side) will vary depending on what you have recorded on your recording pack. Please click on the first song listed in that section. After you select it please click on the “READ” button on the upper left hand corner of the program window.

8. After you have done this you will see the song right below the word “PC” on the left hand side of the program. It will have the name of the song, size and date. What this means is that you have copied the first song you recorded from your recording pack to your computer hard drive.

9. Please continue to repeat the step 7 until you see all the songs from the list on the right hand side listed on the left hand side right below where it says “PC”.

10. Once you are done copying those songs on your recording pack to your computer you will notice that the files are in .etw format (e.g. Always.etw).

11. Remember that to make an audio CD that plays in your car or plays in your Mp3 playing CD player you have to have the files you recorded in Mp3 format as well. You will have to do a couple of file conversions to get these files from .etw format to mp3 format.

Below are the conversions you have to do to get your songs into mp3 format so that you can burn them on a CD to play in your car or anywhere else.

Example: “Always.etw” --------> “Always.wav” ---------> “Always.mp3”

Note: In order for you to make CDs of yourself singing remember that you should have a hard drive over 10GB that has not been used more than halfway, 512MB of memory and so forth. Computers that do not have these components in general do not function properly and can hinder your ability to make your own CD.

12. Now that you have transferred all your songs to your pc and you can see them under the word “PC” on the lower left hand side of the program please click and elect each one individually and then hit the button at the bottom middle of the program called “Convert”. You should see at the bottom of the software that the files are being converted from “.etw” to “.wav”. Note: Please follow the same step with all the files. This might take a little while so please be patient.

13. Once you have converted all the files from “.etw” to “.wav” please use your conversion software (this is not included with your recording pack) to convert them to Mp3 format.


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