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The Truth about Singing Talent


So you don’t sound like an angel when you sing and you’re a far cry from the next Celine Dion, but you love to sing? Well you’re in luck, recent studies have shown that the remedy to sub par singing is to- wait for it, sing more! “New research out of Northwestern University suggests that singing accurately is not so much a talent as a learned skill that can decline over time if not used.” It seems those karaoke-lovers are on to something.

It makes sense if you compare it to other musical talents; great pianists or guitarists probably didn’t sound that great when they first started. Not to say that some people can pick up a tune faster than others, but unless you are actually tone deaf, meaning you can't hear most changes in pitch, it is all the same; musical aptitude, including singing, can be learned through proper training and practice.

You may be asking: Why are there great singers, good singer, and so-so ones? Well there are a lot of variables, but usually, it’s because people who show early aptitude are conditioned for it early on. Think about it, if you started young and have been training those vocal chords ever since, you will be better at singing than others. If you did show early aptitude but neglected any sort of practice, you’ll struggle finding a note later on. Those who show aptitude later in life won’t be conditioned for it as much as well.

Of course there is biology involved, but only in the sense that your throat is built well for carrying notes, meaning your vocal chords are not fragile or you are not sickly. Everything else is conditioning or nonsense.

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