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Most Popular Musical Instruments and Their Benefits

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I believe that no one will disagree if I say that everybody loves music, one way or another. Musically inclined individuals take important parts of creating various music by playing different kinds of instruments. Aside from the joy that music brings and being a way to express someone's passion for the craft, playing instruments also have benefits to the development of our well-being. Below is the lists of some popular musical instruments and their benefits.

Keyboards - also known as the electronic piano. Electronic keyboards are usually designed for home-users and other non-professional users. Playing the keyboard is the same as playing the piano. It develops the concentration, memory and focus skills.


Piano - the modern piano has 88 keys, 36 blacks and 52 white keys. Playing piano provides physical and physiological advantages to all ages who's playing it.Children playing piano will develop concentration, perseverance and emotional expression.It is also a great source of stress relief and helps to boost self-esteem.


Guitar is a string instrument that is typically played by strumming or plucking the string with one hand while the other hand is fretting the string.  Learning to play guitar is beneficial in building confidence, developing social skills and enhances fine motor skills in children. It also helps youngsters in improving their memory, concentration and focus skills.


Drum Sets are percussions instrument that comes in various sizes and shapes.  Drums produce sounds by the vibration of a stretched membrane known as head.  Playing drums can relieve disappointment, frustration and stress.  Drumming is interactive, too.  It's about timing and coordination, both of which forces the drummer to be in the present moment.


Saxophone is a woodwind instrument, made of brass with mouth piece like clarinet.  There are 9 different types of saxophonse but only 4 kinds are widely use - the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxes.  Playing a saxophone improves your aural skill and helps a person in learning various range of sounds. It also contributes in identifying logical patterns which helps in Math and Science and allows you to convey many emotions and styles. 

How about you, what kind of instrument are you playing?

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