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Get Huge Savings At Magic Sing


Get huge savings at Magic Sing when you buy ET-23KH or ET-25K. You will get a FREE song chip plus FREE shipping (see terms and conditions), what else can you ask for?. This is for a limited time offer only.

Listed below are the 15 song chips compatible with Magic Sing ET-23KH or ET-25K microphone.

1. Magic Sing Pop 01 - Alternative/Modern Song Chip

2. Magic Sing Pop 02 - 60’s/70’s/80’s Rock Song Chip

3. Magic Sing Pop 03 - Dance/Club/Disco/Rap Song Chip

4. Magic Sing Pop 04 - Variety/Standards Song Chip

5. Magic Sing Pop 05 - Contemporary Easy Song Chip

6. Magic Sing Pop 06 - Classic Country Song Chip

7. Magic Sing Pop 07 - Classic Rock Song Chip

8. Magic Sing Pop 09 - R&B/Motown Song Chip

9. Magic Sing Pop 10 - Contemporary Country Song Chip

10. Magic Sing Pop 11 - Traditional/Children/Holiday Song Chip

11. Magic Sing Pop 12 - New Release/Latin Song Chip

12. Magic Sing Pop 14 - Christmas Song Chip

13. Magic Sing Pop 15 - Teens Song Chip

14. Magic Sing Pop 16 - Variety Song Chip

15. Magic Sing Pop 17 - New Release Song Chip

Terms and Conditions Apply

1. Applies to all customers (new and existing)

2. To get the free song chip, you have to buy Magic Sing ET-23KH or ET-25K microphone

3. Free shipping is available within United States with a minimum order amount of $99 and above except Hawaii, Alaska, APO’s and US Territories like Guam and Puerto Rico

Hurry!!! Grab one and enjoy your new karaoke microphone now.

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