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Benefits of Magic Sing

We may think that having a Magic Sing microphone is lavishness. But learning the many great features and wonderful benefits that this magical singing instrument provides, more and more people will surely get one for their loved ones.  The price of this hi-tech karaoke device is nothing compared to the fun and excitement that music lovers can experience.  As a matter of fact, many  households around the world today own at least one model of Magic Sing karaoke microphones.

Below are some of the key benefits of Enter Tech Magic Sing Microphones:

  • Have a full-scale karaoke system that comes in a truly portable and hi-tech karaoke device. The Magic Sing karaoke mic system needs no additional device such as DVD or VCD player in order to play.
  • Provides a new way to have a bonding moment with your loved ones and friends. Each Magic Sing microphone is designed to give total music entertainment that creates enjoyment and brings people closer anytime, anywhere.
  • Gives a fun-filled way to kill boredom. So instead of going out partying, all you have to do is have a karaoke party at home.
  • The plug and play feature of Enter Tech karaoke microphones ensures no hassle when in use. Setting up doesn't consume much of your time as it is truly simple.
  • Offers an easy and effective practice singing method with the lyrics shown on the TV screen. In one way or another, this is a mini-training to help you improve your singing skills.
  • Have hundreds to thousands of songs to select. If the built-in songs are not enough, the Enter Tech magic sing can be upgraded using the song chips. Moreover, you can buy song chips depending on what language you prefer. It is available in Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, English as well as Tagalog, Thai and Korean, etc.
  • The compact and lightweight design provides an easy way to carry or store the microphone and offers a convenient way to use it almost anywhere like: (1) at a friend’s pad (2) inside the car (3) at a bar (4) in a restaurant.
  • The Enter Tech Magic Sing karaoke microphone adds superb entertainment and enjoyment for a variety of occasions such as: (1) Birthdays (2) Family reunions (3) Office and School Parties (4) Wedding receptions (5) and other special celebrations.


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